Griffin Case

My drawing and painting explores the sensation of being alone. For some, Loneliness sparks misery and dread, while for others it is synonymous with freedom and control. Both cases revolve around separation. What I hope to do is separate the viewer from their surroundings. Over time, my exploration has forged two different paths: Isolation and solitude – figure and landscape.

I play with isolated characters to jolt the viewer. The figures are often exaggerated and still in shock. They are presented in an abrupt moment of realization. A specific, sudden discomfort is projected outwards by the work that I hope hooks the viewer so the rest can unfold.

Recently, I have been exploring the landscape as a counter to the figurative works. The landscapes are vast and unassuming. Rather than being struck by a specific sensation, viewers are invited towards a private space of contemplation. They are encouraged to wander, but I hope the viewer feels refreshed when they are done.

Although my work is fueled by separation, I am always concerned with connection. I look for universal symbols and try to find order in my subjects so that they can be communicated effectively. For example, even the Sun struggles with the monotony of the day-to-day. By working with seemingly contradictory forces, I learn how they are interdependent and develop a greater understanding of both to make authentic work.

My work is informed by contemporary aesthetics, art history, and personal emotional responses.Overall, I try to make work that is vibrant and self-sufficient. To me, that is what makes a piece successful. The work is greater than the sum of its parts. It has something that can’t be measured.